The Shipwatcher News Great Lakes Ships website was started in March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, by Brendan Falkowski and Brock Johnson as the Ships of the Great Lakes Archive. In February 2021, the website was reorganized as the Shipwatcher News Great Lakes Ships, a resource extension of Shipwatcher News.

The Authors

Brendan Falkowski is a Great Lakes ship enthusiast who shares his passion for the freighters through his newsletter, website, and artwork. He is currently pursuing his high school education in mid-Michigan before graduating and moving on to college, where he plans to attend to the University of Michigan to study Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering.  Brendan is an avid musician, and is a drum major in his high school marching band. He enjoys sailing and spending time with his friends and family.

Brendan Falkowski is owner of Shipwatcher News, and compiles information on all kinds of ships to share through Shipwatcher News Great Lakes Ships as the primary author.

Brock Johnson is a Great Lakes ship enthusiast, volunteering for the Milwaukee Clipper Museum Ship at the age of 12. He has moved up in ranks now as a board advisor, tour guide, and webmaster. He is interested in anything Great Lakes related. He is currently in high school, and after graduation, plans to apply to Great Lakes Maritime Academy to study as a deck cadet and eventually become a Captain on the lakes. He enjoys volunteering and spending time with his friends and family.

Brock Johnson is a board advisor and volunteer aboard the museum ship S/S Milwaukee Clipper and President of Midland Preservation Inc., and is the local passenger ships expert for Shipwatcher News Great Lakes Ships, authoring the passenger vessel portion of the website.

The Photographers

Special Thanks to Don Detloff, Sam Hankinson, Jim Hoffman, Roger LeLievre, Daniel Lindner, Isaac Pennock, and Logan Vasicek for allowing their photos to be displayed on this website.

In memory of Jim Hoffman 1948-2020

Photographs on this website are used with permission.