Amoco Great Lakes

Amoco Great Lakes – Great Lakes {2}


Articulated Barge, Tanker; Paired with Tugboat Michigan

Michigan / Great Lakes on the Welland Canal, June 29, 2015. Photo by Isaac Pennock


Build Information

Year Built: 1982

Builder: Bay Shipbuilding Corp., Sturgeon Bay, WI

Hull #731

Registry: US 650771

IMO #–

Laid Down: March 18, 1982

Launch Date: July 10, 1982

Commissioned: September 1982

Paired Tugboats:


Amoco Great Lakes was constructed in 1982 by Bay Shipbuilding of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, as a tanker barge for Amoco Oil Company of Indiana. She was paired with the tug Amoco Michigan after completion, which was built by the same shipyard. The pair were not originally an articulated tug-barge unit, but rather lashed together using a cable and winch system.


  • Retrofitted with an Articouple ATB Coupler Receiver, Bay Shipbuilding, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, 2015.

General Stats

Length Overall [Combined Tug & Barge]: 454′

Length Overall [Barge]: 414′

Breadth: 60′

Depth: 30′

Loaded Draft: 23’08”

Capacity: 75,000 Bbls.

Vessel Type: Tanker; Barge

Number of Cargo Holds: 12 Tanks

Primary Operations: Petroleum Trades



Amoco Great Lakes – 1982-1985

Owner: American Oil Co. of Indiana, Whiting, IN

Operator: American Oil Co.

Flag: United States

Home Port: Whiting, IN

Great Lakes {2} – 1985-2010

Owner: Coastwise Trading Co., Chicago, IL

Operator: Keystone Shipping Inc., Bala Cynwyd, PA

Flag: United States

Home Port: Whiting, IN

*Not definite on owner/operator from 1985-2010 period. May include error

Great Lakes {2} – 2010-2011

Owner: Chicago Marine Asset, Chicago, IL

Operator: Chicago Marine Asset

Flag: United States

Home Port: Whiting, IN

Great Lakes {2} – 2011-Present

Owner: U.S. Oil, Inc., Appleton, WI

Operator: Andrie, Inc., Muskegon, MI

Flag: United States

Home Port: Whiting, IN

Her Story

Amoco Great Lakes was constructed in 1982 as a tanker barge by Bay Shipbuilding at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, for Amoco Oil Company of Indiana. She was laid down in the graving dock on March 18, 1982, and floated out on July 10, 1982. She entered service in September, being paired with the tugboat Amoco Michigan, constructed by the same shipyard.

In 1985, the pair were sold, and Amoco was removed from both vessels’ names. Amoco Great Lakes was renamed Great Lakes. The tug-barge pair were operated by Keystone Shipping.

In 2010, the pair were acquired by Chicago Marine Asset, retaining their names.

Great Lakes and her tug Michigan were sold once again in 2011 to their present owner, U.S. Oil Inc. of Appleton, Wisconsin. Management of the vessels was contracted to Andrie, Inc., of Muskegon, Michigan.

In 2015, Great Lakes was retrofitted with an Articouple ATB coupler receiver, and the tug Michigan was retrofitted with the pin system, making the pair an actual Articulated Tug-Barge unit. Michigan / Great Lakes continue to be active in the petroleum trades on the Lakes, transporting petroleum products between Green Bay, Wisconsin, and several other Great Lakes ports.

Compiled By Brendan Falkowski

Updated on February 4, 2021



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