Coast Guard & Government Vessels

Listed below are the fleets of government vessels stationed around the Great Lakes in the past and present.

Canadian Coast Guard, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [Great Lakes Region]

Heavy Ice Breakers
  • Amundsen [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
  • Captain Molly Kool [Stationed at St. John’s, Newfoundland]
  • Des Groseilliers [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
  • Jean Goodwill [Stationed at Halifax, Nova Scotia]
  • Pierre Radisson [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
  • Vincent Massey [Stationed at Montreal, Quebec]
Heavy Ice Breaker / Buoy Tender
  • Martha L. Black [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
Medium Ice Breakers / Buoy Tenders
  • Griffon [Stationed at Prescott, Ontario]
  • Samuel Risley [Stationed at Parry Sound, Ontario]
Small Buoy Tenders
  • Caribou Isle [Stationed at Prescott, Ontario]
  • Cove Isle [Stationed at Parry Sound, Ontario]
  • Île Saint-Ours [Stationed at Sorel-Tracy, Quebec]
Patrol Vessels
  • A. LeBlanc [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
  • Caporal Kaeble V.C. [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
  • Constable Carrière [Stationed at Quebec, Quebec]
  • Corporal Teather C.V. [Stationed at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia]
Research and Survey Vessels
  • Kelso [Stationed at Burlington, Ontario]
  • Limnos [Stationed at Burlington, Ontario]

Retired Vessels

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United States Coast Guard 9th District, Cleveland, Ohio

Heavy Ice Breaker / Buoy Tender

[WLBB-30] USCGC Mackinaw [Stationed at Cheboygan, Michigan]

Medium Ice Breaker / Buoy Tender

[WLB-206] USCGC Spar [to replace Alder at Station at Duluth, Minnesota]

[WLB-214] USCGC Hollyhock [Stationed at Port Huron, Michigan]

Medium Ice Breaking Tugboats

[WTGB-101] USCGC Katmai Bay [Stationed at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan]

[WTGB-102] USCGC Bristol Bay [Stationed at Detroit, Michigan]

[WTGB-103] USCGC Mobile Bay [Stationed at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin]

[WTGB-104] USCGC Biscayne Bay [Stationed at St. Ignace, Michigan]

[WTGB-105] USCGC Neah Bay [Stationed at Cleveland, Ohio]

[WTGB-106] USCGC Morro Bay [Stationed at Cleveland, Ohio]

River Buoy Tender

[WLI-642] USCGC Buckthorn [Stationed at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan]

Buoy Tending Barge

USCG CGB-12001 (Paired with USCGC Bristol Bay) [Stationed at Detroit, Michigan]

USCG CGB-12002 (Paired with USCGC Mobile Bay) [Stationed at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin]

Retired Vessels

[WAGB-83] USCGC Mackinaw [Stationed at Cheboygan, MI]

[WLB-305] USCGC Mesquite

[WLB-392] USCGC Bramble

[WLB-404] USCGC Sundew

[WLB-406] USCGC Acacia

[WLB-407] USCGC Woodrush

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Vessels formerly stationed on the Great Lakes

[WLB-216] USCGC Alder [Formerly stationed at Duluth, Minnesota]

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USCG Vessels Constructed on Great Lakes, stationed on oceans

Juniper Class Seagoing Buoy Tender [Constructed by Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, WI]

[WLB-201] USCGC Juniper [Stationed at Honolulu, HA]

[WLB-202] USCGC Willow [Stationed at Charleston, SC]

[WLB-203] USCGC Kukui [Stationed at Sitka, AK]

[WLB-204] USCGC Elm [Stationed at Astoria, OR]

[WLB-205] USCGC Walnut [Stationed at Pensacola, FL]

[WLB-206] USCGC Spar [Formerly stationed at Kodiak, AK; will be restationed to Duluth, MN]

[WLB-207] USCGC Maple [Stationed at Atlantic Beach, NC]

[WLB-208] USCGC Aspen [Stationed at San Francisco, CA]

[WLB-209] USCGC Sycamore [Stationed at Newport, RI]

[WLB-210] USCGC Cypress [Stationed at Kodiak, AK]

[WLB-211] USCGC Oak [Stationed at Newport, RI]

[WLB-212] USCGC Hickory [Stationed at Homer, AK]

[WLB-213] USCGC Fir [Stationed at Cordova, AK]

[WLB-215] USCGC Sequoia [Stationed at Apra Harbor, Guam]

Keeper Class Coastal Buoy Tender [Constructed by Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, WI]

[WLM-551] USCGC Ida Lewis [Stationed at Newport, RI]

[WLM-552] USCGC Katherine Walker [Stationed at Bayonne, NJ]

[WLM-553] USCGC Abbie Burgess [Stationed at Rockland, ME]

[WLM-554] Marcus Hanna [Stationed at South Portland, ME]

[WLM-555] James Rankin [Stationed at Baltimore, MD]

[WLM-556] Joshua Appleby [Stationed at St. Petersburg, FL]

[WLM-557] Frank Drew [Stationed at Portsmouth, VA]

[WLM-558] Anthony Petit [Stationed at Ketchikan, AK]

[WLM-559] Barbara Mabrity [Stationed at Mobile, AL]

[WLM-560] William Tate [Stationed at Philadelphia, PA]

[WLM-561] Harry Claiborne [Stationed at Galveston, TX]

[WLM-562] Maria Bray [Stationed at Atlantic Beach, FL]

[WLM-563] Henry Blake [Stationed at Everett, WA]

[WLM-564] George Cobb [Stationed at San Pedro, CA]