Current Great Lakes Fleet

Below listed is the current fleet of Great Lakes ships. They are organized by fleet owner/operator.

Algoma Central Corporation, St. Catharines, Ontario

Algoma Tankers – Division of Algoma Central Corporation

  • Algocanada
  • Algoma Dartmouth (Bunkering tanker at St. John, NB)
  • Algoma Hansa
  • Algonorth {2}
  • Algonova {2}
  • Algoscotia {2}
  • Algosea {3}
  • Algoterra

NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers LTD. [Partnership between Algoma Central Corp. and Nova Marine Holdings]

Vessels operated by NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers

  • NACC Alicudi
  • NACC Argonaut
  • NACC Capri
  • NACC Quebec

G3 Canada LTD.

Vessel owned by G3 Canada, managed by Algoma Central Corporation

Andrie, Inc., Muskegon, Michigan

  • A-410** [Long-term laid up at Muskegon, Michigan]
  • Barbara Andrie* [On standby at Muskegon, Michigan]
  • Karen Andrie* {2} / Endeavour**
  • Rebecca Lynn* / A-397**
  • Sarah Andrie* / A-390**

Inland Lakes Transportation, Muskegon, Michigan [Subsidiary of Andrie, Inc.]

Vessels owned and operated by Inland Lakes Management, under cargo contract to Lafarge Holcim.

American Transport Leasing

Vessels owned by American Transport Leasing, operated by Andrie, Inc., under cargo contract to Lafarge Holcim

Lafarge Holcim, Chicago, Illinois

Vessels owned by Lafarge Holcim, operated by Andrie, Inc.

Vessels owned by Lafarge Holcim, managed by Inland Lakes Management

Occidental Chemical Corporation, Ludington, Michigan

Vessels owned by Occidental Chemical Corp., operated by Andrie, Inc.

  • Spartan* / Spartan**

U.S. Oil, Division of U.S. Venture, Inc., Appleton, Wisconsin

Vessels owned by U.S. Oil, operated by Andrie, Inc.

  • Albert* / Margaret**
  • Michigan {10}* / Great Lakes {2}**

Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal, Quebec

Central Marine Logistics, Griffith, Indiana

Vessels owned by Indiana Harbor Steamship Company, Managed by Central Marine Logistics

Great Lakes Fleet, Inc., Duluth, Minnesota

Vessels managed by Key Lakes, Inc.

Vessels owned by Connecticut Bank & Trust, operated and managed by Great Lakes Fleet, Inc. / Key Lakes, Inc.

Interlake Steamship Company, Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Vessels owned by Mass Mutual Asset Finance, operated and managed by Interlake Steamship Company

Interlake Logistics Solutions, Middleburg Heights, Ohio [Subsidiary of Interlake Steamship Company]

Lake Michigan Carferry, Ludington, Michigan [Subsidiary of Interlake Steamship Company]

Owned by Interlake Steamship Company

  • Badger
  • Spartan [Long-term laid up at Ludington, Michigan]

McAsphalt Marine Transportation LTD., Toronto, Ontario

  • Everlast* / Norman McLeod**
  • Leo A. McArthur* / John J. Carrick**

McKeil Marine LTD., Burlington, Ontario

Only large vessels are listed for this fleet

  • Blair McKeil
  • Evans Spirit
  • Florence Spirit
  • Harvest Spirit

Vessel under cargo contract to Lehigh Cement

  • McKeil Spirit

McKeil Tankers [Subsidiary of McKeil Marine]

  • Atlantic Spirit
  • Hinch Spirit
  • Northern Spirit
  • Wicky Spirit

Rand Logistics, New York, New York

The Rand Logistics fleet is operated in three separate entities, American Steamship, Grand River Navigation, and Lower Lakes Towing.

American Steamship Company, Williamsville, New York [Subsidiary of Rand Logistics]

Grand River Navigation Company, Traverse City, Michigan [Subsidiary of Rand Logistics]

Black Creek Shipping, Traverse City, Michigan [Subsidiary of Grand River Navigation]

Lower Lakes Towing, Port Dover, Ontario [Canadian Subsidiary of Rand Logistics]

Sand Products Corporation, Muskegon, Michigan

Lake Service Shipping, Muskegon, Michigan [Subsidiary of Sand Products Corp.]

Port City Marine Services, Muskegon, Michigan [Subsidiary of Sand Products Corp.]

Cement barges under cargo contract to St. Marys Cement

  • Bradshaw McKee* / Commander**
  • Caroline McKee* [Undergoing modifications at Chicago, Illinois]
  • Colleen McAllister* [Long-term laid up at Muskegon, Michigan]
  • Katie G. McAllister* [Long-term laid up at Muskegon, Michigan]
  • Prentiss Brown* / St. Marys Challenger**
  • St. Marys Conquest**

St. Marys Cement, Toronto, Ontario

Vessels operated by Fettes Shipping, Burlington, Ontario

*Tug Petite Forte is chartered from Great Lakes & International Towing & Salvage*

  • Petite Forte* / St. Marys Cement**
  • Sea Eagle II* / St. Marys Cement II**

VanEnkevort Tug & Barge, Inc., Escanaba, Michigan

*Denotes vessel is tugboat

**Denotes vessel is barge